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Sarria is the beginning of the metaphorical ‘U- bend’ of the Camino. It is the last town where one can start the pilgrimage and still receive a compostela. I don’t wish to be unkind, and many peregrinos will probably disagree, … Continue reading

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Sleeping on top of the world…

There was just me… A pilgrim, and there was you, the master of it all. And yet I was so small … Hardly there at all…

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Galicia, silent and alone…

On first glance this may seem a negative title and quite a concern for any friend or decent human being, but please view it as sublimation; a form of alchemy if you will. I have decided to take a vow … Continue reading

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The nature of the beast…

León came and went and so too did my friend Kevin who finally decided not to finish the Camino. He has left for Barcelona, Rome and eventually the ‘Silk Road’ to the Far East. Tonight I am writing from the … Continue reading

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This pilgrim’s prayer…

Tonight I have reached Valdearcos one day’s walk from León; a long walk along an old Roman road that stretched from Bordeaux to the mines of Asturas where gold was procured for the empire. León itself, means legion, and was … Continue reading

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And the autumn wind doth blow…

Hello from Spain my friends. Tonight I find myself in the small town of Carrón de Los Condes on the road to León. Once again Kevin from Chicago has become my walking partner in this strange fusion of liaisons previously … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch!

Today I have crossed the Mesata to the west of Burgos, which is exactly as its Spanish meaning implies: a table-like plateau. This lovely open landscape has a chilly breeze blowing across it, and Autumn is definitely evident now. This … Continue reading

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