The Old Religion: A path less travelled

Blessed be to the old ones… the Æsir and the Vanir.

My survival is flooded with gratitude to the Vanir who have protected me from the perils of the deep and the Æsir who imbue the courage for the fight against my deepest fears. This is my way… a solitary, sailor’s way, although I hope there is always a seat at your Blót and Sumbel.

Njörðr, Frejya and Frejr... The Vanir Gods.

Njörðr, Frejya and Frejr… The Vanir Gods.

Hail to Njörðr, and Frejya and Frejr, who protect, inspire and guide this Vanir child. Hail to Tyr of the Æsir, who has been my strength and courage, for was it not he who sacrificed his hand in The mouth of the wolf, Fenris ?

Tyr, sacrifices his hand to Fenrir.

Tyr, sacrifices his hand to Fenrir.

In this world of the senses, there are huge gaps in spiritual sustenance, often filled by alien religions that are inappropriate for we Northern Europeans. For us the task of keeping the old ones relevant is vital for their wisdom is timeless and well suited to the elemental realm in which we find ourselves.

This is where the truth of the Old path remains relevant.

This is where the truth of the Old path remains relevant.

The Gods and Goddesses are only available to those who call them, especially those who live a life that depends greatly on the powers of nature within the elemental realm. They are real if you encounter them, but for their help it is necessary to live with courage and sacrifice the negative, nihilistic approach to life so common today. I feel our Viking ancestors would have been appalled by the weakness and  modern-day slavery that is prevalent, and our domination by the desert religions of the Middle-East. We have lost our unique heritage, our right to be ourselves without cow-towing to the insipid, politically correct influence of the so-called ethnic minorities that have ‘invaded’ Northern Europe over the past forty years or so.

Consciousness is all and all energy is from one source, the Great spirit from which we are all made, including the Gods and Goddesses. Our ego-selves are a necessary part of surviving in a harsh, brutal universe, but the Gods can help us from their realm. They are the teachers of our ego-selves, always helping, quite often with hard lessons to remind us that we are bigger than this small self, the very one that has the arrogance to dwell in the negative sensual world of the five senses. They can show us that there is so much more and that personal integrity is so much more important than staying alive at all costs.

“It is not what you do, it is how you do it”

Father Odin, perhaps the greatest teacher, the father of the Gods.

Father Odin, perhaps the greatest teacher, the father of the Gods.

When I open myself to the Vanir and Aesir, I hope to imbue myself with that courage and compassion of our Viking ancestors, for all we leave behind is the memory of our deeds and reputation.

The Heathen Vanic Virtues:

The pursuit of beauty and elegance in thought, form and speech.

Zeal, vigor; the strength and courage that comes from a life worth living.

The recognition of nature and the environment as worthy of respect, care and reverence.

Harmonious and balanced thought and action; tranquility, calm, serenity.

The quality of being receptive to the world around one, non-judgmental and open.

Music and dance; the nurturing of inner wildness and childlike being, being “fey”

The all-encompassing force; love for family, for kin, for humanity, for all beings.

The peace and goodwill between people bound together; loyalty and the keeping of one’s word.

The trust that the Gods exist and are worthy of our worship, and Their ways worth following.

The binding of two parties into one common bond, generosity and hospitality.

Wonder and innocence, the recognition that life is worth living, and worth living well.

The recognition that we – humans, animals, plants, spirits – are all part of the grander scheme of life, and we share a common heritage, as children of the Earth. 


2 Responses to The Old Religion: A path less travelled

  1. viking saga speaker

    i have printed the above heathen virtues for myself and my young family, to reflect on after our jolly to our city friends, out here in the sticks we consume nature and learn global truths, the urban life feels quite an offence when your not use to it. i make art and have recently committed to this, my garden and home only to live uncompromisingly the way i feel i should. i am lucky to have this choose but feel i can do nothing better given this freedom. planning to build my own boat, as a camera obscura to cruise to Venice biannual art festival. i take the family two kids wife and dog sailing every summer, in 2014 we did 4 weeks in our folkboat. this seems rare now a days, parents do not seem to have the patients to share there adventures anymore, we live for anti extreme, calling ourselves the , ‘the special pick-nick squad’, aspiring to lengthy sit downs in far out places to take in nature at her pace. just sold our 1954 folkboat ‘chuckle’, for an 1984 grp bilge keeled saddler needing TLC, hoping to extend our adventures.

    thank you so much for your inspiring website and sharing your journey so freely.
    love and warm wishes in these cold months


    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Tom,i love responses such as yours! You’re very welcome. You appear to have a good, healthy approach to life and I wish you and your family the very best. May the old ones protect and bless you all!

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