Sailing is not a life for the squeamish. It’s one thing to relax in a light Mediterranean breeze with a group of friends on your holidays, but a completely different situation to be single-handed in a near gale, heavily reefed up, knowing that a single mistake could be your last.


Finally meeting Per-Olof (Pelle). The epitome of the single-handed sailor.

I was fortunate and privileged to finally meet Per-Olof (Pelle), from Göteborg. He has been sailing alone for years and we became friends on the internet via our blogs. The chances of actually meeting were very small, but it finally happened, right here in Borka!

Pelle has been to some amazing places that I can only dream about visiting, including Shetland and the far north of Norway, Nordkapp itself, the furthest northerly point in Europe. A very impressive portfolio. Pelle’s Blog

Listening to his adventures was a wonderful way to wile away an afternoon, culminating in a kind offer to share an evening meal in the restaurant.


Pelle’s faithful yacht, the conquerer of the northern seas!

I must admit to being enchanted by Pelle’s tales of northern sailing and felt the rumbling of awakening deep within. Dreams of a possible voyage north to Norway? If I’m honest, ten years has been a long time to be sailing alone and I have often considered finally swallowing the anchor, but listening to Pelle’s experiences has made me reflect somewhat.


Pelle up near Nordkapp, way north of the Arctic Circle. He kindly permitted me to use the photograph to demonstrate the quality of polar light.

Is there still time to make an epic voyage up the coast of Norway to the top of Europe? Somehow I doubt it. I’ve had many experiences further south and been close-hauled to potential disaster so often that I am rather enjoying this relaxing time among the good folk of Borka as I enter my sixties. Do I really need anymore adventuring? No one knows what the future brings or where the inspiration comes from. These days, a sense of peace and harmony has descended upon me, detachment from humanity’s apparent fall into madness.


Gentle sailing on the Jungfrukusten, coffee in the restaurant and a chance to relax and chat with wonderful friends, is a sweet way to spend these summer days in the far north, where the air is fresh and the sky clear of chemtrails with the constant drone of aircraft.

Maybe the world is designed for us to find our way to what is true, through adversity, and that happiness is in fact the reason for living.

I’ll settle for that.


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor, and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart. We have so little time in this precious life but what we do should define us, and our reputation is all that we leave behind.
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10 Responses to Single-handers

  1. Glorious.
    I actually caught a whiff of the possible from reading this.
    Best wishes, as always.

  2. herbwormwood says:

    Nice to read an update from you!

  3. Haha careful you don’t become a ditch and cafe’ crawler!! …I can imagine worse fates though :-)…and those ditches are lovely it’s true….your friend looks like a fellow Viking alright, he looks like he has just walked out of a historic film set!!…what a nice crossing of paths that sometimes comes when we wan’t to meet a fellow traveler and soulmate….
    ….I have registered with WordPress now…haven’t written anything yet though!…;-)


    • Viking Queen says:

      I guess it’ll be a vegan blog Si? I’ve always been a cafe crawler! Don’t quite get the ditch though! Looking forward to your blog developing!

      • A “ditch crawler” may well be a local term haha….ditch crawlers are people who crawl up creeks, rivers, estuary and drying areas, rather than open sea or even coastal….Ditch crawlers are only happy with an inch or two of water under their keel! 😉
        ….Blog will be mostly just social and political observation/journalism 😀

  4. Viking Queen says:

    Ah… that makes sense. I could enjoy that too… but the open sea is more my thing!😊

  5. Goes without saying there has to be a good pub or coffee shop at the end of the creek…;-)

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