Keeping it free…

Ten years of freedom has left me time to reminisce on my great fortune and grace. I am certain that we are the captain’s of our own destiny, if we can only realise it. The more negativity and excuses I hear from folk, the more it convinces me of the truth that freedom has to be a state of mind; if the mind is right then the art of life will surely follow.

Please don’t get the idea, that it is easy to be free and that it means a sort of feckless abandon of all values and boundaries. Nothing could be further from the truth.


From an early age, this was my dream…

In fact it is easier to capitulate and remain in a ‘slavery’ mindset than taking the necessary steps to break out and claim your life back from the system that haunts our lives like a psychic vampire, feeding us petty resentment in return for our pure, sacred life force. Modern life appears set up to drill us on the art of resentment and discontent, giving all sorts of excuses to stay enslaved in the festering, stagnant, warm cocoon of grown up infantility and apparent security. It is a total lie. Everywhere one can see it: no thought before speech, noisy, angry, selfish action hiding behind the self importance of tribal blood family bounds, where everyone else can go to hell and so-called community is set up to support us, us, us!


This is not an easy option to the rat race…. it is fraught with danger and easy to die. The question must be, what is the purpose of life – freedom or slavery? Doing what you want to do, is surely the purpose of living, isn’t it? Cowardice is always the easiest option.

We have to change society, not through politics, and angry protest, but quiet, powerful reconnection with the divine. Our minds need to become servants again… servants to our true selves, the consciousness that is who we truly are. Too often the mind is the master, leading us down a road of addiction to thinking and wrong action; It is us who are the creators of the Divine Lila, the cosmic dance of universal consciousness. Just ask the question, ‘Who am I?’ Or maybe, ‘what am I not?’ Are you just a body or are you awareness and consciousness itself?

Right at this very moment, one can step outside the agreement of society and take back the power that is our birthright. We weren’t born to be slaves.

We were born to be free!



About Viking Queen

I am a sailor, and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart. We have so little time in this precious life but what we do should define us, and our reputation is all that we leave behind.
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9 Responses to Keeping it free…

  1. Christian says:

    strong words, but path many could follow but don’t as they need to feel safe and don’t look outside their front door to see a bigger space than the four wall built around you, they worry re bills, place to live and if you are lucky family and what if’s and before you know it – it’s too late life as passed us by and or our bodies/minds are weak or conditioned . but again we never know what’s around the corner of life and just one step to the left or right could change it forever. here’s too the next 10 years of freedom and the many new paths which will come your way – be it on land or sea.
    C xx

    • Viking Queen says:

      Nice reply Chris… I think you have life summed up well and live it that way. I don’t have any cowards for friends. It doesn’t have to be sailing,it could be anything that takes some courage and connection with what is genuinely true within your heart. Opting out of life is a waste and tragedy, allowing fear to govern you.

  2. Roger Lundqvist says:

    Very wise word an so true, hope you can be free as long as you live. I will tray to do my best to be free.

  3. Per-Olof Sjöö says:

    Hi Poppy!
    Very well said, as usually, and very true.
    Your words made me come to think of something that John Lennon once said: ”Life? That´s whats´s passing while you are fully occupied doing everything else”, also very true.
    I´m sad to hear about your problems, but I´m sure everything will work out just fine and that you will be able to keep your freedom.
    I have found that if I just try to let go of a lot of things, and try not to controle everything in my life, life itself often gives me what I need, not always what I want, but what is good for me in the long run and helps me to keep my freedom.
    Keep up the spirit and hold on to your freedom, you´r worth it!

  4. Pelle says:

    Hi again!
    Something went wrong with my log in, I´m also called Pelle.:)

  5. Pelle says:

    I´m no expert either 🙂 🙂

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