A lazy limbo.

The devil plays with the best made plans…

Seafaring is dependent on so many things, not only the weather and sea conditions, but the financial and external situations, often way beyond one’s control.

My plan this year had been to leave Sweden and head south towards Poland, aiming to winter somewhere near the Rhineland, Netherlands border. After a year of inactivity due to business back in the UK, I find myself suffering from the results some months later, culminating in the drying up of one of my main sources of income.


Free… All ready and dressed up with nowhere to go…

The skullduggery of modern financial practices looks like it has soiled my next few years of sailing and has seriously challenged my desire to remain free. Ah well, such is life. I’ve had ten years, how could I not be eternally grateful for that? The generosity of this wonderful club here in Borka, allows me some leeway and a chance to remain in a more passive capacity. Sailing if possible must be confined to the local Jungfrukusten (Maiden’s Coast).

The nature of time is somewhat meaningless for a live-aboard sailor. Can it really be ten years already, since I first left the land? Thousands of miles later and an endless spectrum of amazing folk, leaves me in a timeless wonderland that is devoid of rigidity and mindless rules. I am truly thankful for that. On my winter returns to the United Kingdom, I am struck by the polarity of the country and the divide that exists after voting to leave the European Community. Folk appear quick to anger and keen to spew vitriol over all and asunder – and pity for those that have a middle of the road response to the decline of the nation. Their way is of course is bound to be the right way…. God help us all.


The lovely folk in Borka, who have always made me feel so welcome. Micke, Sofi and Robin in the wonderful restaurant, an oasis of community.

I dread the thought of having to live in Britain again after the freedom of movement I have been used to; any restriction of travel can never benefit the free thinker, and lover of freedom. Instead, the narrow-minded, contraction of an old Empire that still tries to punch above its weight, and punishes its poor people with a diet of propaganda and ridiculous austerity measures, seems to running at full speed towards a period of sheer dreadfulness, not experienced since the Thatcher years.


Birthday treat! A free Hälsingland cheesecake from Micke!

My sixtieth birthday came as a real surprise this year and reminded me why I love this small corner of Sweden so much. My dear friends Kjell-Arne and Margareta, surprised me with an afternoon tea and flowers, and the restaurant added to a perfect day with some lovely gestures. It is lovely to feel wanted at times, especially for a vagabond such as myself. My own family was hardly the place to feel valued and Borka sometimes feels the closest to a family I have ever had. So many wonderful folk have graced my travels. You all know who you are.

So, the sad demise of the links between the United Kingdom and Sweden will be felt by many of us, who’ve come to love it here. Oh yes, knowledgable British pro-Brexit, folk will remind me of all the good reasons for leaving and I do agree with some of them, but I fear more the sordid, little bunch of incestuous, greedy, mean-spirited people who will replace the chaotic, rather silly Brussels government. I suppose the question is, what is the lesser of two evils? Having already stolen our pensions, in the name of austerity, to reinvest the money in their pro-American, military shenanigans, and other clandestine activities, I cannot see any kind of future that is worth returning for.


Free, from a helicopter… Why would you want to leave this?

Now I am entering ostrich mode… attempting to pretend that everything will remain the same and that I won’t need to leave; but I know that this is just an illusion and that the clock is running down.

How fortunate I have been to have experienced the sweet freedom and yes the universe is always changing, but you never know…

You never know.


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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18 Responses to A lazy limbo.

  1. Chauncey Bancroft says:

    Great writing! Best wishes for better times…both in the UK and the US…

  2. Andy says:

    Blimey Poppy-60!!! I never would have guessed. But then you’d think me just an ‘old’ Northern English flatterer 🙂

    • Viking Queen says:

      No, we northerners are nothing if not blunt!😉Thanks for the compliment! Are you on Facebook, Andy?

      • Andy says:

        I am. Search for the tennis player (Andy Murray, not Tim Henman) and my profile photo has me in black (nothing like Johnny Cash) stood next to my wife in red (the double of Lucifer) 🙂

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Andy…. you don’t seem to come up on the search… probably due to my own silliness! Can you send me an invite? I have two under Poppy Currie… pick the one with the picture.

  3. herbwormwood says:

    Don’t lose heart, you will always be free!

    • Viking Queen says:

      Thanks you for your support! Yes, even if it remains internally. I won’t give up… one taste of freedom and a return to what was, is impossible!

  4. herbwormwood says:

    You will find a way, somehow. Once on the path, no going back…

  5. Life has a way of working things out for us Poppy. Your spot in Sweden looks beautiful, but you never know what adventure is ahead. Wishing you all the best xx

  6. james hellmuth says:

    Happy big 60th pops, Just think in 5 years time you can retire …Happy and safe travels.

  7. Judith Benchley says:

    Dear poppy Just a note to let you know I am still in the land of the living. But I have had a fall in the house and broken my hip. I am in the local hospital waiting to go home. It’s extremely boring,Catherine is helping me write this as I find using technology increasingly confusing. I have been diagnosed with early dementia so am also increasingly forgetful. I would like to hear from you so keep in touch. Love Judith xxx

    Sent from my iPad


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