Träbåtens Dag!

Every year in Borka, the harbour is invaded by wooden boats (träbåten). This is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate, summer and these beautiful traditional craft.


Here come the wooden boats!

Not only is it a festival of traditional wooden boats, but also a chance for friends and family from all around the area to meet and catch up. Folk set up stalls to sell local crafts, a curious mixture between a car boot sale and a fete.

On a beautiful, hot sunny day, I volunteered to help with selling ‘warmkorvar’ (hot dogs); it was non stop – filling, supplying, and all the other actions associated with keeping a stall going in a busy event.


Margareta, Ingrid and me just before the ‘big off’!

As with most of my musings there is a philosophical thread, that hopefully weaves itself into the post and in this case I wonder about the nature of community and the need for governments.

With the recent political upheaval in the United Kingdom and the vitriol and sheer spite being thrown around the airwaves and social networking sites, I question the direction that humanity is travelling in. All of the emotion and pure resentment on both sides of the argument is unpleasant enough, but the catalyst to all of this seems to lie firmly at the feet of the media and our so-called leaders (maybe tentacles on the same monster?), most of whom have nothing to do with ordinary folk.

Do we really need these leaders?


One of the museum’s collection of old engines roars into life!

Since Borka Brygga became my home harbour I have witnessed a union of very capable folk who come together so solve all manner of problems and yet centralised government and corporate capitalism draws away the youth of these communities to the big city. They leave for the same reasons young people have always left, but is it possible that if local communities provided a sense of purpose and a cultural vibrancy away from the television and dreams of celebrity, the need for centralised government would slowly fade away, encouraging young folk to stay? Maybe giving time can replace giving money, after all what is the most valuable commodity in our lives? Money is really only solid energy, and we labour our whole lives away to obtain this energy, only to have no time left to enjoy it.


Let the festivities begin!

 The big cities provide a magnet to suck away all of the youthful vigour necessary to allow small communities to thrive. Time and time again we witness what happens when production techniques allow over exploitation, whether of people or produce. One only needs to sail up the Swedish Coast to witness the death of the fishing industry, and the growth of holiday homes. What if we only took what we needed? Would fishing communities still exist? This can be applied to many different small settlements. Why can’t small be beautiful?

Small is beautiful! Just like Borka!

 Borka is small and beautiful, but its young people face the same challenges of capitalist expansion. They must leave, because the community is trying to play by corporate rules, imagining that if they do so, something will come along in the future to save them…
It won’t. The whole of this part of Sweden is dependant on the Iggesund Mill, in a nearby village, and if that closes… then what? Modern communities are built on sand and financed by big business and to imagine that they care one iota is a modern, sad illusion.
When one witnesses the amazing ability and IT intelligence of our young folk, there is no excuse not to harness it for a more humane, compassionate society.
Maybe I am a dreamer, but am I the only one?



About Viking Queen

I am a sailor, and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart. We have so little time in this precious life but what we do should define us, and our reputation is all that we leave behind.
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22 Responses to Träbåtens Dag!

  1. Wonderful photos – that the Trabatens still arrive is cause for joy in itself!

  2. Andy says:

    Nice Lennon paraphrase to close it 🙂

  3. Roger Lundqvist says:

    It’s look like you have a nice day, it’s a pity I whasn’t there. I really like your philosophical thread in your post, it’s so true. Maybe a dreamer but not the only one, count me in that make two of us.roger

  4. Patricia Garcia says:

    Love your post Poppy. Hope you are well!

    Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2016 12:05:45 +0000 To:

  5. Absolutely the media is the puppet of the government, but then the government is a puppet for another level of ruler ship, one that most of us are unaware of. They are in disarray hence the need to step up the manufactured violence and chaos
    You are not the only dreamer, there are millions of us and our dreaming is what is bringing change, so keep dreaming sister, we need you ❤
    Big love n hugs xxxxxxx

    • Viking Queen says:

      Sure Lucy… I’m meeting folk like us all the time now, in fact it’s strange these days to hear the old view amongst our generation, at least those who are travelling anyway.

      The duality trump card that they play is getting tired now folk are realising that there is only one ocean of consciousness and separation is an illusion. In our pure form we remain only one, fatal to these negative forces!

      Lovely to hear from you sister! xxx

  6. Ingrid Åsander says:

    Great to read your blog again, lost the website and now I found and will save it.
    We met you at Trysunda for two years ago, are you coming up north again?
    Take care from Högakusten/Ingrid Åsander

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hej Ingrid! I remember of course! Good to hear from you again. No, unfortunately… it’s southward bound next year if my boat still floats after a year out of the water! Have a lovely summer!

  7. Simon de Groot says:

    Interesting about Sweden having the all too common migration towards centres of population and urban areas…..did you ever read the book “Small is beautiful” by EF Schumacher ?…. we may share views expressed in that well known book from the eighties I think….Certainly cities seem to suck everything in and produce little that is real and sustainable for the overall good..they merely use up, circulate and discard at a high rate!!…;-)

    • Viking Queen says:

      No I haven’t Si. Strange how there used to be ‘City States’. Are we returning to that do you think?

      • Simon de Groot says:

        Hmm…it’s an interesting thing to think about….what with London seriously being considered for statehood and re-joining the EC by many….the prevailing economic situation and even culture of the city has become so different to the provinces that it may benefit from an entirely different political setup…strange….I have wondered myself that sometimes going into London feels more “different” than going to a small provincial town in Europe, so one could almost be entering “another country”…:-)

      • Viking Queen says:

        Exactly Si! And some Towns have a unique sense of ‘nationality’. Tyneside for example. Most Geordies are ‘Geordies’ before being English/British. I get the same feeling in Liverpool. Nationality: Scouse!

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