Glad midsommar

This year Sweden celebrated her most important festival on Friday the 24th of June three days after the celestial midsummer’s eve.

Obviously,  this was because the working week ended inconveniently after the most sacred of feasts. I suppose this has me considering, how seriously we all take work these days. Nothing ever stops for the ‘big machine’.


Midnight in Borka.

We do it all for the few, and then we grasp desperately at every moment we can, to forget; to celebrate something – anything, to take our weary hearts and minds away from it all. This brings me conveniently to the recent Brexit (what a foul word) referendum, which saw an Elitist British establishment throw we gladiators into the arena, to fight amongst ourselves, when in reality the rich will keep power whatever happens, with the paltry droppings of ‘false democracy’ to fool us into thinking we really have a say in the ugliness of global capitalism. Simple, humble ordinary folk, the kind who have been cannon fodder for countless wars, voted for their ‘country’ back and won the vote; but did they really achieve it, or is it yet another game within a game?


The morning after and the party continues!

Here in Sweden, I have to admit to feeling curiously alone right now, with no one to talk to about what has happened; but hey… what is really going to change? Has anything ever changed? Truly?

Always we return to same old thing… the world is perfect as it is – and until one can see through the miasma, that perverts our vision – we see a lie and believe it. Last night I sat watching the sun playing amongst the clouds and felt the silence of perfection all around me.


This is all there is…Love it.

This bliss is our birthright if only we can see through the fog of deception. We all have the awareness to truly connect with the ‘now’, and it is good news! Just realise that every story is just that… a story, a thought, an emotion, a this , a that… and it will pass. It always has.

Let it flow through, observe it, play with it even… but don’t buy into it. Life is fun, but taken seriously at one’s peril.

So, a happy mid summer to you all and may the shortening days remove the suffering that our ‘masters’ have inflicted upon us and remember that ‘we’ are the only real masters of our hearts.

Remember the immortal words of Oscar Wilde…




About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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14 Responses to Glad midsommar

  1. Roger Lundqvist says:

    So true Poppy, but let us look at the stars and feel that we are living.

  2. Think yourself lucky you are there, and not here at this ugliest of times. Enjoy.
    And let us hope the Far Right in both our places are kept in check.

  3. tomcan46 says:

    Psychic Poppy or Mystic Poppy?
    Do you mean JUNE 24th not July? I’m sure you’re not wishing time away……..especially in that wonderful landscape you’re calling home at the moment!

    A refreshing “take” on the last few days of turmoil has calmed the “worry worms” wriggling in my head! Change is always tough and as we get older probably harder to swallow.
    Nothing new there, I bet our parents had the same, and more, especially with all their conflicts of that era.
    Keep up the writing, it makes me think slightly more deeply than I have of recent years!

    Tom Mursell
    Appletree Cottage
    Plaistow Road
    RH14 0JR
    01403 820 339

  4. Hariod Brawn says:

    Good to see you writing philosophically, Poppy, and which you do so eloquently and sagaciously.

  5. Rosemarie Nitschke says:

    Hey Poppy, well said!!! You put into words exactly the same thing I felt about the summer solstice (I love the term ‘celestial midsummer’s eve’). Here in Germany people were celebrating on Sat. June 18th. What a sellout. It just doesn’t feel the same to be celebrating on any other day, but. It removes people from the magic of this celestial drama at hand and becomes just another ‘event’. Love your quote from Oscar Wilde. He really understood something – we do have a choice as to how we want to see life.
    You hit the nail on the head with ‘Brexit’ possibly being a game within a game. I wonder what that is all about, too. We shall see as it unfolds…. I will call this week to chat. There is so much going on!

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Rosie Lee! Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback. I knew you’d get everything I wrote. It’s just amazing how drawn in the the drama folk are. It really confirms Oscar Wilde’s quote. He was a real sage!

  6. says:

    Dear Poppie your words are very comforting and touch me deeply, as usual. Thank you and a very happy mid summer to you also. Take good care! Love Renate

    • Viking Queen says:

      You are welcome Renate. Always good to know that one’s writing can help to make someone happy! Blessings to you my dear friend and take care. Love from Poppy

  7. Simon de Groot says:

    Nice to read your blogs again hon…still lovingly executed…I wish you lovely alone-ness…..of the best kind!…;-)

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