Much ado about nothing!

Sometimes nothing is good!

Sometimes I like ‘nothing’.

Some philosophers say that ‘nothing’ is the only truth and that everything else is just an illusion, an ego-construct if you will. Certainly, there is a big sigh of relief to transcend the awful burden of dragging around the heavy weight of ‘our own story’, which of course is far more important than everybody else’s, right? Of course… it wouldn’t be ‘mine’ otherwise!


Maybe sitting next to the fire up in the wild north is driving me crazy!

But what if it’s true? What if the whole sorry mess is an illusion and that true happiness is just letting our ‘story’ go? Who gives a ha’penny, what ‘you’ or ‘I’ think or ‘do’, when there is so much bliss in just ‘being’.

I recently read an amazing book by an English philosopher, Tony Parsons called ‘The Open Secret’, which I’m going to have to file next to Eckhart Tolle’s incredible life-saving tome, ‘The Power Of Now’. To precis it would be easy:

“Everything is just energy that is happening.”

Now that sounds crazy and the ego rises to argue its corner, spitting and growling… but hold on a minute. Why? Is it because our sense of ‘self’ is terrified of being a fraud – and that really consciousness is all there is? That’s how I reacted… and then suddenly a great wave of peace descended upon me and I started laughing, and laughing, until I could hardly breathe.


Brrr… cold but beautiful on the ‘road’ to Enånger for some grub!

Living up in these parts certainly enables one a view of the world that is almost ‘media-free’ and when everyday existence becomes primary, the luxury of self-indulgence becomes less apparent. Living off nowt for a long time and keeping warm and making your own hot water without flicking a switch, clears the mind of ‘seeking’ for the meaning of life.

‘What’s it all about?’ becomes, ‘I’m bloody freezing! WTF am I going to do now?’

It’s all good medicine for the endless seeker of meaning!

The sheer experience of being is accentuated by the raw beauty of this majestic part of the world. Everything slows down and no amount of ‘push and shove’ in the cerebral or physical realm is going to make one iota of difference. It will, as it always has been, ‘Be what it is’; if you want to be here, you come on its terms, not yours.


My front garden! A hail storm wends its way up the fjord.

This year will be a strange one, one of stillness and physical entropy, for the money is not abundant. Changes are afoot in this Pirate’s financial world which means that I must sit this summer out on the beach. Well… in my boat on the beach, if that makes any sense?

Thus, my long suffering friend Free, will stay on her cradle while all her peers are launched back into the wet stuff. Mind you, she’ll still probably travel further than most of the local boats tend to (Sorry guys only joking!) Jesting aside, if it wasn’t for the kind folk of Borka, where would I be? These past few years have accounted for the awful winter life that befits a single-handed sailor… cold, harsh, hungry and lonely.


My back garden! The storm has gone, time for a lovely cup of tea!

There’s no way of sugar-coating it, that’s the way it is living life on these terms; however the Borka folk have made me so welcome and their hospitality has been exemplary, since arriving from the south back in 2013.

‘The sight of an eagle sweeping overhead’

‘The taste of that first morning cuppa, as it touches your lips’

‘The tang of a salty wind as you come in from the deck’

‘The lonely sigh of the breeze’

And if that doesn’t satisfy you… then what can? The sheer, raw beauty of existence itself, which is all there really is, to be sampled and given gratitude for. This is surely the meaning of life?

So this year will be about nothing, which in most cases is usually quite a lot!


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor, and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart. We have so little time in this precious life but what we do should define us, and our reputation is all that we leave behind.
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23 Responses to Much ado about nothing!

  1. christian says:

    Poor free no seawater this year. But more travels for you. New friends in the making can’t see you resting on the beach soaking up the sun but enjoy another new path that has been given to you. Follow the stars and moon and enjoy the sea breeze from the coasts.
    will enjoy reading yet more adventures of your new plans

  2. Had to Share this on FaceBook. Heart-wrenching in a good way. Thank you Poppy!

  3. Roger Lundqvist says:

    Welcome home to Free and Borka, and the rapidly changing April whether up here.

    Big question the meaning of life, but I don’t know the answer but I know that’s important to live life as you self want to, seize the moment and enjoy.

    I like this post, and I hope this summer will have some meaning for you to.

    Take care and keep Bilbo burning so he keeps you warm.

    • Viking Queen says:

      Thanks Roger for your welcome! Maybe the meaning is there is no meaning. That doesn’t have to be negative… instead, look at it as not always trying to find a meaning to enjoy life and only to enjoy it as it is! That was the point of my post. No meaning is perfect… just beautiful energy happening all the time!

  4. Renate Krappweis says:

    Poppy, so good to read your post! Living in the now. That’s all there is, sounds uncomplicated enough. Working on it. Have a lovely spring watching nature!

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Renate! Nothing to work on…that’s the point! Don’t worry! Even daydreaming is still in the now… You’re just daydreaming! Get it? Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Just be! Love to you!

  5. Michael Murphy says:

    “I Got Plenty O’ Nuttin'”

    I got plenty of nothing And nothing’s plenty for me I got no car – got no mule I got no misery

    Folks with plenty of nothing They’ve got a lock on the door Afraid somebody’s going to rob ’em While there out (a) making more – what for

    I got no lock on the door – that’s no way to be They can steal the rug from the floor – that’s OK with me ‘Cause the things that I prize – like the stars in the skies – are all free

    *[Refrain]* I got plenty of nothing And nothing’s plenty for me I got my gal – got my song (I) Got heaven the whole day long – Got my gal – got my love – got my song

    Oh, I got plenty of nothing And nothing’s plenty for me I got the sun, got the moon Got the deep blue sea

    The folks with plenty of plenty Got to pray all the day Sure with plenty you sure got to worry How to keep the devil away – Away

    I ain’t frettin ’bout hell ‘Till the time arrive Never worry long as I’m well Never one to strive To be good, to be bad What the hell I am glad I’m alive.

    • Viking Queen says:

      Oh yes… Yes…. Yes….!!! Exactly Mike. Just a big play with only one screen. We are the screen and all the actors are the many characters we play. What a joke! The screen is the only reality and the rest is a cosmic dance! Last night I danced on the moon and there was cheese there! Anything is possible once you know the screen, which cannot die.

  6. Hariod Brawn says:

    I met Tony Parsons a few times, coincidentally, and have that book. Neo-Advaita isn’t for me though. All best wishes to you, Poppy. Hariod ❤

    • Viking Queen says:

      It’s not supposed to be for ‘anyone’ Hariod! 😉At least that’s ‘my’ understanding. You get my drift, I’m sure. Nice to hear from you again, hope all is well!

      • Viking Queen says:

        Any way, isn’t advaita yet another label that we like to apportion in our desperate desire to ‘classify’ everything?😈

      • Viking Queen says:

        Be merciful Hariod!!! I’m just about to disappear up my own backside!!! 🤔❤️

  7. A year of nothing may be bliss to some, hell to others but your story to you!

  8. bic koenig says:

    Hi Poppie,
    Bic here. Rose is here and has just shown me your blog. You’re a real philosopher! I like what you wrote. It’s very interesting. Your encouraging words to me (I make a fist every day) have been very helpful. Lets keep in touch.
    Oh, yes. Be proud of your hands – I love them! No matter where you are ‘Home is where the heart is’.

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Bic! You’ve made my day! So good to receive this message… What a surprise! Keep up the fight and say hi to Rose for me!

  9. bic koenig says:

    hi Poppy, ups…you’re so fast and my new laptop are not really good companions( yet)
    but..keep me posted..ever once in a while i’ll check if there is news from it will keep me on my toes with my English.—–keep on trucking,and i’ll keep on knotting
    so long CHAKA!!!!!

  10. That great photo of you,Poppy, sums it up! You’ll break through no doubt about that, so chins up and keep in touch!
    All best

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