Never ending journey.

Life is like that…

Do you ever feel like forces are pushing you along and that you can’t actually stop? Sure, we have the appearance of control, but actually there isn’t any.

This is the third winter away from Free since arriving in Scandinavia and here I am staying with my old friend Rose down in beautiful Bavaria. Next week I will return to Sweden should the fates will it so.


With Rose in beautiful Ulm.

Rose is one of the many kind folk who have allowed me to rest my head during my winter rambles. Free slumbers way to the north of here on her wooden cradle and as always, I wonder how she has fared. My friend Kjell-Arne has kept me posted throughout the Scandinavian winter and has offered to put me up on my arrival so as not to confront Free’s unknown condition in the dark. Then the hard work begins… making her habitable again.

Germany has been wunderbar as always and the opportunity to experience the splendid hospitality of Roses’s friends and family, including the lovely Renate her sister, who came all the way from Munich to say ‘hello’. We had a pleasant day in Augsburg and then a walk around a lake culminating in kucken and coffee. To those who know me there is a kind of inevitability about that!


Buying kucken with Renate and Rose in Augsburg. What a greedy little face I’ve got!

Augsburg is also famous for being the home of Mozart’s parents. I would like to have visited the great man’s birthplace of Salzburg, but there’s only so much one can do in three weeks. The little museum was interesting though and it seems that his father Leopold was no slouch as a composer. I mention Mozart due to my interest in the growing noise pollution. His music has been used to help disturbed children on the road to healing and recovery and I’m not surprised, as a benefactor myself. Sometimes the noisy chaos of these times needs sublimating and he’s the man for me.


Very little noise here in the gentle, rolling hills of Bavaria.

On the subject of noise pollution, I have noticed that there seems to be fewer and fewer places to go to get away from the incessant thumping of modern street music. Every youth hostel I stayed in this time, seemed to have a continuous loop of it going on and on and on and on…. ad nauseam. Many cafes, shops and even general areas, appear afflicted. Quite often this audible poison has a subliminal affect, and some folk aren’t even aware of it.

Is it time to oppose it, surely? After all there are all sorts of directives about traffic pollution, food additives etc. Why not noise too?


The solitude of the Åland Islands last year. Not a sound, just blissful peace for three days.

Spending so much time in the northern latitudes of the Scandinavian Baltic sea has reminded me of the escalation of stimuli, at the expense of peace and harmony.

I have been blessed and am eternally grateful for the spiritual balm of this region; it acts as a reminder to what we are losing.

And in the losing… will we ever get it back?


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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14 Responses to Never ending journey.

  1. Sue Horsup says:

    Hi Pops, I don’t know about a greedy little face but I do know that your little face looks very well and happy. You look great, this Baltic life obviously agrees with you. Have a great summer. Love, Sue and Malcolm.

  2. Viking Queen says:

    Thanks Sue! I met up with Carole a few times in London and she told me how you were having a good time. I hope You, Malcolm and Rosie are enjoying France!

  3. Your postings give me an ache – you always write about things dear to my little heart.
    Great post again!

    • Viking Queen says:

      The pleasure’s mine Michael! I try to slip something in, or have an underlying theme or it becomes a little terse! I consider your comment empowering… thank you.

  4. Glad to hear this winter was fine in Bavaria. 🙂 I did visit the great mans birthplace in Salzburg as a little girl. I remember the chocolate the most :). Miss you and wish you and free the best this summer.

  5. Viking Queen says:

    I’m proud of you… Well done!😊🇸🇪😎

  6. Hello my friend it’s nice to see you post again and I absolutely concur with you about the rejuvenating effects of peace and quiet. I wonder whether some folk are so used to the incessant noise and vibrations in the city, and the intrusion of music on their phones, radio, TV, Media and in the shops/cafes that they begin to fear quiet and stillness to the extent that they feel panicky. Is this possible? Some years ago when my daughter was small, I went into a store to buy a new dress, or at least to have a look around and my daughter was only small, sitting in a stroller about 2 or 3 years old. The music in the store, which was at maximum volume, was screaming out expletives and ridiculous ” kill me” type lyrics. It got to the point that I had to leave the store. I could not imagine how anyone could be induced into a buying mood in that environment. Strange…… I suppose we tolerate noise pollution less as we get older or perhaps we sense the need for it more as a counterbalance to the city life.

  7. Kat says:

    Looks amazing ……and you look very well indeed Pops – the travelling life suites you well. You know we’re in Devon now, if you’re sailing this way there’s definatley a space for you to drop anchor for a few days. Kat, Karl & Ringo xxx

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Kat! I did hear from Christian about your new dream job and home. You really deserve it hinny. Thanks for the offer. I think it will be a long time before I see the British Isles again on Free, but you never know. Take good care of yourselves all three of you! xxx

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