East Meets West

One can’t help noticing the negativity surrounding China’s rapid growth into an economic super power. Everything seems to be made there, amid endless rumours of all manner of unsavoury happenings, according to our media, and yes, as a nation they are far from squeaky clean. But then who is?

Most folk in the world are kind, helpful and friendly. It is the tiny minority of domineering, bullies from the business, political and military realms that spoil it for all of us, with their false promises and natural, underhand dishonesty.


In the Albert Dock in Liverpool with Xing Gao.

This past week here in Liverpool, I have been sharing a dormitory with five other ladies in the Youth hostel (yes, yes, alright I’m hardly a spring chicken!) and I met the delightful Xing Gao (pronounced Shing gow). Like so many of the young Chinese visitors to our shores she is respectful, quiet, friendly and charming company. I never cease to be amazed how they manage to learn English so well, considering how different it is from their own native tongue; the average Briton is woefully lacking in this respect, fortunate that the international community has graced our language with so much favour.

Xing Gao comes from the north of China and Mandarin is her native tongue. She has been studying in Liverpool, helping other young Chinese students find their way, as well as travelling alone throughout Europe, which in my opinion is an incredibly brave achievement. She elects to prefer Britain to all the rest of Europe, due to our friendly, welcoming nature, which warms my heart to think that we have such a positive image in China.

I smile to myself at the thought of two strangers becoming friends from such different backgrounds; this tall Viking woman and shorter Chinese girl sharing coffee together in a cafe on the Liverpool waterfront. Maybe we have more in common than we think, for the Vikings landed in the Americas long before Columbus, and the Chinese had sailed their junk rigged craft all over the world long before we had discovered the spherical nature of the planet. Their ancient wisdom is so beautifully preserved by the writings of Lao Tse, and in the incredible I Ching, not to forget the beauty and grace of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, while we Northern Europeans also had an ancient culture and spirituality that long preceded the more recent Middle-Eastern religious influences.

I only hope that we now have something as equally valuable to share with them…

How about friendship? For if nothing else, we can give them that.



About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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14 Responses to East Meets West

  1. finnhagan says:

    Economic  super poor. Not power.. Replace gullible for global and you’ll get closer to the truth of who runs the   Dumbocracy  .blessings  finnbarr . .

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  2. Roger Lundqvist says:

    It always make me glad to read your posts, Your positive attitude, and all wise words will make your post so full of positive energy, and if I can take that energy and let it grow within me it might help me become a better human being.


    • Viking Queen says:

      You’re welcome Roger, but don’t forget you are a unique soul, and exactly where you’re meant to be. Keep strong.

  3. loco Steve says:

    I quite agree with you Poppy,Hope Xing Gao is enjoying her stay in “The pool”… After years of distrust with the communist system i love the fact that after adapting to the our capitalist system our friends from China are better at it than we are… London is snowbound this morning after 1cm of snow ; ) Speak to you soon X Loco

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Steve, Hope it’s not going to stop my train on Wednesday! Thanks for the feedback, I quite agree, although maybe they’ve gone a little awry on the old emissions front.

  4. Renate Krappweis says:

    Poppy, I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. So uplifting to read your beautiful post. It feels good to concentrate on what connects us human souls!

  5. christian costenoble says:

    hi Bella bonne année..biz

  6. Rosemarie Nitschke says:

    You and Xing Gao look so happy and so at home in Loverpool (hey, my keyboard did that, not me!). I just read an interview with the Dalai Lama where he talks about the new China and his hopes are with the young and the 400 million practicing Buddhists. So many people there also writing critical articles on China’s policy with Tibet. It seems that there is quite a movement for more liberalism and quite a spiritual awakening coming from within. My friends Cindy and Gary Renard (author of ‘The Disappearance of the Universe) also report on the amazing welcome and response they are getting on their tours to China. They were quite overwhelmed. So let’s see where it’s taking us all. I do believe, like you, that there are so many good people out in the world. I will make my own decisions and will not allow the media to make me think otherwise. Poppy, so looking forward to our coffee and talks and Chi Gong in the morning, coming up soon. Give my love to Xing Gao. She’s doing a great job!

  7. Viking Queen says:

    I’m loving all this positivity! Yes, it seems that the real evil in the world is the negative media attitudes which seem to lower everyone’s vibrational levels. Love is unquenchable and impossible to vanquish. So simple and yet totally resolute!

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