Välkommen till Sverige

The balmy, sun-soaked days of Bavaria are over, along with the beer, cakes and domestic comfort. Now it’s back to the ‘lah-di-dah’, as the late, great Jake Thackray would have sung!  The third year of sailing in Scandinavia is approaching rapidly, with Free’s immersion into the cold, brackish sea of the Gulf of Bothnia, imminent.

Back in the Lah-di-dah! The work begins!

Back in the Lah-di-dah! The work begins again!

Swedish folk have told me that the spring has been benevolent thus far; it is far colder than Bavaria, for sure, but still possesses that fresh, dry, bracing weather that I like so much, including the evening, cosmic dance of the Gods that entertains me while sitting in Free high above the ground on her cradle.

The 'cosmic dance' of the Gods, in my back yard!

The ‘cosmic dance’ of the Gods, in my back yard!

The whole year stretches ahead with nothing definite planned as yet. A loose objective to sail south by east towards the Åland Islands, that divide Sweden and Finland in a necklace of many, governed by Helsinki and yet uniquely Swedish in language and nature. That mysterious collection of countries known as the Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, await further progress, should financial, mechanical, electrical and aeolian issues be favourable; however, I know better than to make definite plans when sailing the high seas; it just isn’t viable. The elements are deliciously free of structure, security, and the ‘shoulds and shouldn’ts’ of society; woe to the person who forgets…

The Borka guys! Tommy dances, and as usual I am welcomed back by these special folk.

The Borka guys! Tommy dances, and as usual I am welcomed back by these special folk.

And so the tasks begin again. Firstly, a check that nothing nasty had encroached during the winter e.g.  water and ice damage. The only event worthy of mention was the presence of mice droppings, which considering how far north Free is, was small beer. Who can blame our rodent brethren for lodging for a short while? My small supply of black-eye peas was invaded, but they did leave my basmati rice alone, which was kind of them, don’t you think?

Work begins for the boat club. Günther's boat has her mast refitted.

Work begins for the boat club. Günther’s boat has her mast refitted.

Free is due back in the water on Saturday, May the ninth, and once again I have been fortunate, as Bengt, the crane guy, will use the biggest available to lift all of the boats, thus saving me having to hire it in a solo capacity, a very expensive enterprise indeed. I appreciate the way that the Borka boat club members work together in such a cooperative way, a great lesson in a world of excessive individualism. No one here has ever left me to struggle on my own.

Kjell-Arne, (nearest) and Lasse (the carpenter) explain to me how the apparatus in front, bends the wood by heat.

So it’s back to the water after a whirlwind winter, that has spanned from Liverpool to Bavaria and a wonderful collection of interesting and kind folk, who have welcomed me and shared their amazing stories. We are all on a path to somewhere, even if it is a mystery; but life is a gift and a golden chance to experience all that we can, before our days are through; I begin my ninth year at sea with the total lack of security that leaves a lust for whatever the future may bring. What storms, what lovers, what experiences? The craziness of the chaotic beauty of it all! My friends… I invite you to step bravely!


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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16 Responses to Välkommen till Sverige

  1. markp says:

    Excellent news! Keep it up My Lady. Xxx

  2. Renate Krappweis says:

    What a beautiful back yard and am so happy to be able to follow you on your journeys!

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Renate! I am delighted to know that you are ‘onboard’ for whatever happens next! Life jackets on… it could be interesting!

  3. stswan2014 says:

    It has to be so exciting to cast off for another. “Free” definitely defines your story. The true meaning of a cruiser.

  4. Denise says:

    Hi Poppy , thanks for your update and sharing your experiences about Bavaria and Sweden, glad all is well with your friends there and Free is safe and sound….the mice probably needed the peas so they could see in the night. Been all over the place in London….Thameside, Earls Court, Ealing, heading back to Manchester tomorrow, may even go to Liverpool if I get cleared on Tuesday, then hopefully back to work. Done my cousins’ tree as far as I can go and leaving the rest up to them, it has been a thrilling exercise, Just found my Mum’s and it goes back to the 1600’s……o course a lot of it is oral, but I have a lot of admiration for minds of my grandfather and uncle(he passed away a fortnight ago and will miss him.) Had some splendid weather here….winter woollies away.
    Thanks for your enthusiasm, encouragement and insight into the life of very courageous lady.
    Ka kite ano Denise

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Denise, wonderful to hear your update. Give my love to all the girls ‘on the circuit’ around the hostels. Hope you get to the ‘pool! Watch out though as you have Manc. blood! I’ll be praying for your ‘clearance’ and the Gods here will be on your side. Freyja supports all wronged women with a vengeance… you have justice on your side, so Tyr, will also lend a hand. Feel his hand on your shoulder and know that he will defend you as he has me on so many occasions.
      Bless you brave Denise, it was an honour to meet you. You do the Maori proud.

  5. I just tried to link to your blog via wordpress and it told me it was ‘deleted’ – ??? Yet I can find this posting by punching in the url? Glad you are not deleted my friend and I guess by now you are in the water again?

    • Viking Queen says:

      I’ve done nothing to my blog Amanda… wouldn’t know how! Glad you persevered. It’s strange though how much my stats have dropped off. Maybe I’ve inadvertently clicked on something… or maybe my site has lost its oomph. I don’t know what else I can do, really. I suppose there’s only so much of interest one can write about the sea before it all sounds the same. Yes, I’m in the water and thanks for asking. Now the mechanical headaches begin!!!

  6. Mandy says:

    G’Day Poppy,
    I have just stumbled across your blog while googling Trysunda, and WOW! I’m looking forward to following your sailing adventures this year – even if I am a little late to the party. Safe travels,

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Mandy. You’re never too late!!! Great to have you on board. No idea what’s happening yet, but that’s nothing new! Please feel free to comment anytime.

      • Mandy says:

        Between you sailing the seas of Scandinavia and me working on a cattle farm in rural Australia – well we might not have a lot in common but the contrasts should be illuminating!

      • Viking Queen says:

        Maybe more than you think! Strong, independent women? And, I nearly became an Aussie when I was seven! My father had a job lined up in Mackay, but alas my mum was too sick to travel at the time. Australia has always remained in my heart though.

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