In the Hall of the Mountain Queen!

Time has completely disappeared for this land-locked Viking! I have wandered into a modern day fairy tale of beautiful German cakes, fabulous coffee and hospitable, kind folk. For some reason, possibly metaphysical in nature, Internet has been almost impossible to find, which has been surprisingly therapeutic, reminding me that there is life outside of cyberspace! Unfortunately it has meant that my communication with you all has ground to a halt, and that, my friends, is a shame. Rose is the perfect hostess, and her friends and family are charming, making me so welcome in this beautiful country.

Poppy with Rose (right) and Mercedes (The Mountain Queen!) in Sonthofen in the Bavarian Alps.

Poppy with Rose (right) and Mercedes (The Mountain Queen!) in Sonthofen in the Bavarian Alps.

Within a few days of arriving in Rose’s village Steppach, near Augsburg, we were off down to Sonthofen in the Bavarian Alps to visit her friend Mercedes, and stay for the night. Our delightful hostess was perfect company and a lovely evening was had, as the wind and hail howled outside. The locals were crying out for snow for the ski slopes in the area.

"Piste off!" No snow yet on the piste for the skiers.

“Piste off!” No snow yet on the piste for the skiers.

The following morning we awoke to a magnificent snowscape, the perfect finale to our Alpen sojourn. The piste was perfect and so was our return to Augsburg. In my previous post I mentioned that I was going to visit my friend in the ‘Hall of the Mountain King.‘ which as you are aware (or not) is from Greig’s Peer Gynt. How strange then, the fact, that Rose’s ring tone on her mobile is the very same? That sent a little shiver down my spine! Is this synchronicity? Were we supposed to meet?

'Breakfast in Bavaria' A snowy wonderland to greet us for breakfast!

‘Breakfast in Bavaria’ A snowy wonderland to greet us for breakfast!

My days here in Germany have been delightful and Rose has been teaching me the noble esoteric art of pendulum dowsing and crystal healing. I have found this to be complimentary to my love of the runes and my Ancient Norse heathen path; in fact, the ancient German Gods are the very same as those of Scandinavia! We have strolled in the forests around where a sense of the little folk abound, dwarves and elves as such. My beloved Silver Birch trees are also there too, in plenty, despite the huge storm that coincided with our journey down to the mountains. Every day is packed with new experiences and this sense of time being redundant remains a delicious constant. This has been my aim since choosing the free life.

The stunningly beautiful town of Murnau am Staffel-see.

The stunningly beautiful town of Murnau am Staffel-see.

Time is just ‘what is’, and any intrusion from the psychological insanity of the modern concept of ‘living’ tends to highlight the reason for reinventing myself. It isn’t hard to do if you want it enough, but there is the question: do you want it? I wrestled with this for years before finally ‘jumping over the edge’ into the unknown.

"The lady of the lake?" Down to the beautiful lake by the mountains.

“The lady of the lake?” Down to the beautiful lake by the mountains.

in a twist of spontaneity, Rose decided to visit her friend Gaby and the following day we found ourselves speeding south towards the beautiful mountain and lake country to the south west of Munich. It was to be a day of walking, sleeping in the sun, and cafe indulgence, which of course, suits me down to the ground!

Another delicious küken (cake) in the warm Bavarian sun. Ah well, someone's got to do it!

Another delicious küken (cake) in the warm Bavarian sun. Ah well, someone’s got to do it!

I do hope that my sailing resilience will have not been impaired by this hedonistic visit to southern Germany! The luxury of sleeping in a comfortable bed in Rose’s beautiful home is quite a rare experience, but it’ll soon be over, sure enough, and then it is back to Free and all single handed sailing entails.

Ah well….. Who’s complaining?


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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12 Responses to In the Hall of the Mountain Queen!

  1. beliefpatrol says:

    Great writing, great images, wonderful adventure! I am proud of you !!

    • Viking Queen says:

      Thanks for your encouragement! It’s good to know that you’re enjoying my site as much as I’m enjoying yours!

  2. christian says:

    What a difference a day makes – snow in one picture beautiful sun in another. great pictures as always. we know we both love the coffee and cake culture more to our little group in your travels.
    I love the march of trolls by Peer Gynt brings back fond memories of being in the school hall all us little ones in vest and pants running around being trolls on the march.
    its great to have a peek into your world


    • Viking Queen says:

      Should be back on line soon so we can chat again! Thanks as usual for your dedicated feedback. Just arrived in Sweden, so it’s back to work!!!

  3. acona asbl acona asbl says:

    beautiful thank i an in austria and after go to lausanne i am in bresgen the lake constance kisses👄

    hope to see you soon biz

    Costenoble Ch

    ACONA asbl

    Association pour la conservation de la nature en amazonie

    Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:00:31 +0000

  4. Wow – kuchen, sun and kaffe – wonderful start to your next adventure.

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hello Amanda! Yes it was a reminder of the comfortable life of luxury. The folk in that part of Germany are very fortunate and privileged, for sure; a different world from my normal experience. A new adventure? We’ll see. Many things are evolving in my universe right now. Nine years is a long, long time. This may be a less frantic year, with fewer miles; the last three years have been wonderful but with a little too many heat-stopping moments! How are things in your universe? Hope all is well.

      • Your life always seems full of adventure compared to mine, but we both have heart stopping moments from time to time. Life is busy and it is easy to either get caught up in the blogosphere or alternatively, not have time to read the posts, blog too much. Work takes my time too, but have re-jigged my hours so I have one more day to myself each week!

      • Viking Queen says:

        ‘Uneventful’ can be good. There are times when a good internet connection or cold fresh milk can be like paradise!

      • Ah, the simple pleasures in life in the town!! 🙂

      • Viking Queen says:

        There’s a lot to be said for it!!

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