The final curtain…

A final taste of Sweden before the winter curtain falls… The arrival of my oldest friend, Michael to sample Borka in slumber and the eternal hustle and bustle of the nation’s capital, Stockholm.

My first ever visit to Stockholm.

My first ever visit to Stockholm.

The lure of the city has never been applicable to me; however, in the company of a friend there is a reason, and it was that which took us down to Stockholm, the city of water and space. Two short days and a night is hardly enough to create even a basic feel to a place, especially one as vibrant as this historic city; hence impressions could only be fleeting. Although undeniably beautiful in an aesthetic sense, Stockholm mixes old and new in a manner that suggests someone may have erred somewhat. There were some truly ugly buildings mixed in among the predominant elegance, and some boulevards surprised me with their lack of imagination. The wide open spaces left me feeling exhausted, hardly surprising having been sailing under the huge northern Bothnian skies for the previous two months.

Mike and I outside the Red Boat Mälaren hostel where we stayed for the night.

Mike and I outside the Red Boat Mälaren hostel where we stayed for the night.

One needs more than a few days to truly explore this remarkable city, so my comments are probably not typical; only first impressions. I do find that although born a city girl, my sailing has sublimated the need for energy and stimulation. Borka has pervaded my senses with a peace not previously encountered and Stockholm’s energy and relative anonymity surprised me. What did I expect? I guess I have changed.

'Free' in restful slumber for another winter.

‘Free’ in restful slumber for another winter.

How lovely to be back on Free next to a roaring wood fire, chatting with an old friend as the wind moans outside bringing the first sense of winter; that late Indian summer is fast becoming a memory. Borka has embraced me for sure and Mike and I have taken advantage of the local small roads and tracks, walking to places not previously visited on my own.

'Fuel for the fire'. Mike's photo of the Viking Queen pulling winter fuel.

‘Fuel for the fire’. Mike’s photo of the Viking Queen pulling winter fuel.

The silver birch trees, so familiar to the north of Sweden have shed their leaves and contrast with the evergreen pines as they stand together on the shores of the Enånger fjord. The air is full of moisture now with a raw nor-westerly breeze, warning of the oncoming winter. The next few days will provide the backdrop of Free’s final hibernation and she will slumber throughout the cruel nordic winter. All is as it should be… All is love.


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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21 Responses to The final curtain…

  1. cornishtim says:

    And, as the saying goes….”All you need is love” ( and some firewood !)

  2. finnhagan says:

    When you back in oxford street? Ill get the coffies in… x

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  3. tengeru says:

    What a beautiful description of what is and what is to come. I hope you have warmth and peace, in the coming months. I also hope your ‘God’ bestows upon you, the time to rest and recuperate for the new Spring and your further journeys.

  4. christisn says:

    always hard to see every thing in a few days. but good to see the old with the new .
    coffee dates awaiting. Vi ses

  5. Andy says:

    ‘Cruel nordic winter’-hope to experience that one day.

  6. Free at last.. in harbor.. and you, Poppy, seem to find peace wherever you land. Blessings to you, stay warm this winter. xo

  7. Jan Willem says:

    Hallo poppy it wil be a fantastic winter in sweden with nice books and a warm fire, in the middle of al that snow. We send you warm thoughts fromhere

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Jan,
      Thank you for your kind words. I will leave ‘Free’ here as she is a little too old to survive the cold! (A little like me!)
      Her isolation is poor below – 10 C, so it is safer to leave her here and go travelling… a chance to meet up with old friends again. I wish you a lovely winter and hope you will write again!
      met vriendelijk wensen,

  8. Jan Willem says:

    Je schrijft/spreekt dus ook hollands
    I saw the pictutre from londen sniffing some culture after so much salt water. I am longing for som ice and snow in this wet land . So i was a bit yeloese on your swedisch winter adveture. But you come south. It is good to stay in reguler contact with your friend at home .greetings from holland in authum

  9. Jan Willem says:

    I love the snow and ice , and al the agregaties of water and often i think i syouth have been born in one of the northern states of europe. May be in a next live i can ask after this one is finisched.
    but first i, m going to may ok my sailing schip beacause the last 6 years i only did the most nesseary thing to keep him on the waves
    hope you have good time in londen and when there is ice in holland this winter you must come to skate here on the lakes and channels

    • Viking Queen says:

      Holland is so beautiful in the winter! Maybe one day I will return. I would like to go to Poland, then Germany by canal until Nijmegen. Enjoy your skating!

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