Get Oan Wae It!

It’s all too much!

Edinburgh is stunning, perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and yet I feel curiously exhausted by the excessive stimulation. It reminds me of Rome, a little. Every corner has something else to look at and marvel; until one reaches ‘marvel overload’, of course!

As usual, I’ll leave the traditionally elegant views for the tourist board, ‘Aunty Google’ and the phalanx of superb photographers, all of whom relegate me as fast as the two Edinburgh football clubs, Hibernian and Hearts, into the lower leagues. No it’s the absurd and unusual that interests me!

The Spirit of Edinburgh.

The Spirit of Edinburgh.

I have to say, the independence issue is taking up most of my interest at present and if it comes to pass, wish my old grandfather had still been alive to lift a glass! Despite the issues and the emotion, I have been treated with great affinity and politeness here in Scotland and have engaged in some interesting conversations with all manner of folk. My own view is that here is a wonderful chance for a fresh new beginning despite the negative right-wing press and their doom-mongering. In fact there are some (myself included) that would prefer to remove the Tory London Government from the North of England too. They have never cared two hoots about us. This Money-laundering Mafia stronghold, has no interest at all in the good, ordinary English, Scottish and Welsh folk. So long as the property market remains a safe laundering haven for Russian, Greek and other European tax dodging billionaires, how can we minions ever be well governed?

The Real Edinburgh.

The Real Edinburgh.

Here I am in the Princes Arcade next to Waverley Station at a Starbucks Cafe (no surprise there, then), putting the final touches to my journey back to Scandinavia. While the weary denizens of Edinburgh return from Easter Road after the latest Edinburgh football derby, with Hearts taking the honours by two goals to one; and the drizzle falls despondently, I have just paid for my train ticket from Stockholm, Arlanda to Söderhamn.

It seems so long since I have seen Free and as previously mentioned I am nervous at what will be revealed up there in yonder Sweden.

However, now is the only moment we have , so I shall put the future on hold while reviewing the past months since meeting Micke in Borka Brygga last September. It seems so long ago, which can only mean a wonderful action packed, profound period that has graced the Camino in Spain, hostelling throughout the UK and Europe and meeting some amazing folk!

It only remains for me to take the advice of this humerous wee shirt I saw in Edinburgh yesterday:

Good advice!

Good advice!

And with that advice, I shall bid ye, farewell and ‘Haste ye back’ as they say in these parts.

I do hope you will all be with me on my continued voyage north to the roof of the Gulf of Bothnia.






About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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4 Responses to Get Oan Wae It!

  1. christian says:

    Great pictures, enjoy the rest of days left in edinburgh and a safe journey to sweden – free will be fine and waiting for you. Will keep in touch via email boys send hugs Cx

  2. Krsity says:

    That is really amazing, Edinburgh does have some similarities with Rome, splendid but elegant.

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