Glorious Glasgow!

With only a few weeks left until my return to Sweden, I decided to visit Bonnie Scotland, the country where I learned to be a teacher so many years ago.

My memories were of rough geniality, wicked dark humour and a freezing wind casting scudding clouds across the sky. So after booking into Glasgow Youth Hostel, I realised that this magnificent, gothic city no longer bears its grim nickname No mean City (apart from on Saturday night that is!). I suppose that title could apply to most British cities these days.

A beautiful warm day brings out sun worshippers in Kelvingrove park, Glasgow.

A beautiful warm day brings out sun worshippers in Kelvingrove park, Glasgow. Glasgow University graces the background.

I can never remember such beautiful weather in Scotland and it was a real pleasure to wander around one of my favourite cities, listening to the wicked banter and outrageous humour. Certainly, the glorious sunshine adds to my happy ramblings and next week I shall cross to Edinburgh on my beloved Megabus, that has faithfully carried me around Europe and the United Kingdom.

The Megabus crosses the Scottish Border early on a  glorious morning. How I love the dawn!

The Megabus crosses the Scottish Border early on a glorious morning. How I love the dawn!

I always know when my life is in a good condition. It is when the little things create an intense inner sense of well-being. Coffee in Byers Road, by the University. A walk down Sauchiehall Street amidst the throng. Hopping on a Megabus like an old Hobo and riding the dream. The fact that my clothes are wearing out, troubles me not!

While in Buchanan Street on Saturday I witnessed a display of outrageous, exciting, musical madness that brought to mind the issue of Scottish independence. The fiercely proud natives of this great nation are soon to be at the polls to decide. Whatever the outcome, I celebrate the right of the Scots to determine their own future; after all, can they really do worse than the compassionless Westminster Government?

'Big Peat', going mad in Buchanan Street. A real sense of Scottish Nationalism!

‘Big Peat’, going mad in Buchanan Street. A real sense of Scottish Nationalism!

Soon I shall fly from Edinburgh to Stockholm by Norwegian Air, on May the first, and concentrate on preparing ‘Free’ to enter the water again after the long, relatively mild winter. It is always a stressful time, especially the condition of all the skin-fittings which will have dried out. This means that there will be some water ingress until they expand again. Nothing like as bad as a wooden boat though. A friend of mine told me he could provide water for his friends’ gins from the leak in his dried out wooden deck!

Until Edinburgh, I wish you all well.

Mar sin leibh an dràsda. (Ta ta for now)






About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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11 Responses to Glorious Glasgow!

  1. louise says:

    Love it x

    Sent from lou


    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Louise,

      It’s lovely to have you on board. I hope you continue to sail with me around the Northern Baltic!
      Thanks for your good company in the cafe on Byers Road!

  2. Maggie says:

    Beautiful spring day you’re enjoying, poppy! Hope they keep rolling in for you. Cheers, Maggie

    • Viking Queen says:

      It’s been wonderful! I bet you’re excited Maggie! I’ll be flying the same day you arrive for your second helping of the Camino! Do keep in touch my compañera… Buen Camino

  3. Glad to see you onIine again. I suppose climate change has its benefits for the northern countries. It must feel so terribly exciting to be headed to Sweden soon. I won’t visiting Sweden this time around, as my time in the North is much shorter than I initially intended, so I will be following your travels closely. If you get as far south as Denmark, our paths may cross!

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hello again Amanda! Denmark is extremely unlikely. It’s a huge aim as I’ll be very far north and trying to ‘sail’ my way south. Maybe Berlin for winter? Via Poland and the River Oder. But it’s all very hypothetical at present. Just arrived in beautiful Edinburgh. I’m always nervous after having left ‘Free’ for any period of time as it invariably results in the ugly money spectre materialising!

      • Wow – Poland and the river Oder sounds fantastic. I have actually wanted to travel there, as one of my great grandfathers came from a village near the river Oder and immigrated to Denmark. Maybe next time we will have more luck.In the meantime, there is always the virtual world. Berlin is a enigmatic place, especially in winter. God tur, Poppy.

      • Viking Queen says:

        Sorry for the late reply. I have to come into the city for my free internet! Nothing free in the youth hostel!
        Hopefully, I’ll have a few nice photographs if i get to the Oder. You have an interesting ancestry, very North European. Not sure what you mean about Berlin, can you elaborate?

      • Well, I think it is fun city, and can be very modern and vibrant with interesting characters. I was then in winter, and I don’t know if it was the season, but some people were quite abrupt, particularly those in the tourist office (!) near the Brandenburg gate. But really I was referring to this mix of modern along with the palpable history and notoriety that goes with a lot of their architecture. I found it is a puzzling mix but would go back in a sec. Yes my ancestry is all north european plus a convict aussie throw in for good measure!!

      • Viking Queen says:

        Which makes you quirky and very interesting! Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like a worthwhile way to spend winter!

  4. Thank you! 🙂 I look forward to seeing where you end up next winter!

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