The last supper.

How different a few weeks can make…

Eight days of mist and rain, added to treacherous conditions underfoot can result in a soul destroying concoction where every step is excruciating. If you throw a swollen ankle into the mix, you have a recipe for real hurt.

Keep right on to the end...  The Galician rain has a major impact.

Keep right on to the end… The Galician rain has a major impact.

Maggie, Jeremy and I have fought our way from Santiago along the Camino Fisterra and now are within thirty kilometres of the ‘end of the world’, at least that’s how the Romans saw it. With the shocking weather we will be lucky to even see the ocean, but you never know… Perhaps our luck will change.

Sadly, tonight in the little village of Olveiroa, our little fellowship must come to its end. Maggie’s fall in the mud yesterday means she can barely walk, so a taxi will be necessary for a part of the final stage. Jeremy will plod on steadfastly, but I must walk a big thirty kilometre stage with my swollen ankle to reach Finisterre in one day, so that I can make Muxia by Sunday evening. This will enable me to arrive back in Santiago by local bus the following day so I can catch the early coach for Lille in France, on the Tuesday.

The last supper, and the end of our little fellowship.

The last supper, and the end of our little fellowship.

Can it really be possible that the end is in sight? Where did the time go? Have I changed? The silence has finished since Santiago, where I was literally shocked into speech after the awful cathedral experience. I have somehow felt unclean since the words started again. They feel rough and coarse inside my mouth and when forming in my mind.

On the road... No photograph captures the long slog better than this one...

On the road…
No photograph captures the long slog better than this one..

Slowly the calm is returning as the earth passes below my sturdy old boots. The constant present moment vigilance forces one into the eternal now, and therein lies sanity. Praying inwardly for that joyful bliss of the mountains and the open sky of the Meseta adds to a sense of redemption…. Of turning away from the Santiago Temple and back to the elemental church in my heart.

If I make Muxia, it will be the end of this Camino and maybe the beginning of another…

Who knows?


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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18 Responses to The last supper.

  1. Tim says:

    Wow! I’m feeling exhausted just reading this! Reminds me of a long wet hike in Wales.

  2. Christine says:

    Those legs were made for walking….Bravo Poppy. Love and Light, particularly for your ankle, C.

  3. Lynda Hulme says:

    Still with you Poppy, still with you. xxxx

    • Viking Queen says:

      And that is lovely to know… I am looking up at the huge black clouds just before the last 30 km stretch to Finisterre amd can hear the strains of Jerusalem in my mind! Truly epic!

  4. What a challenge! But you ARE dealing with it. You are dealing with it. Dam the rain in Spain.

  5. cornishtim says:

    Seems like your ‘cathedral experience’ has had its use – to reinforce what you have always believed to be true about the true cathedral inside ones spirit and in nature.

    • Viking Queen says:

      True my friend… I’m glad you mentioned dear old nature. The moon accompanied me upto the lighthouse on Finisterre and when I entered the village again after… She was gone… Powerful, profound… What on earth was I thinking in Santiago?

  6. Sarah Noss says:

    You rock, dear pilgrim! Thinking of you as you finish up!

    • Viking Queen says:

      Oh Sarah…

      I thought of you as I sat looking out over the end of the world… The end of all things.

      Every bridge through Galicia was spat over! And every wish dearly held in my heart. You taught me that my friend. Ultreia for we amazons and should the spirits allow, I shall throw a stone into the sea for you in Muxia tonight. Px

  7. You’ll keep right on,NO doubts about that Poppy You’ve added a new dimension to “guts”!
    See you soon,

  8. says:

    Poppy!!! How are you?? I wanna send you a private email. Don’t know my way around here very well. You have my email. Hope you are well wherever you are. Your posts are beautiful! Write me!

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