Jonny Pettersson, Viking shaman

Well, another port… another friend!

No one said that a girl can have a man in every port, but then life can be strange! And who says that the guys can have it all their own way?

However, Jonny Pettersson is distinctly unusual and very different from the fun-loving viking warrior, Thomas Sörensen. Whereas Thomas is very much the ‘lift you up and take you back to his cave’ type (and what’s wrong with that? Nothing, every once in a while!) Jonny is deep, moody and smouldering with a part of him that moves in the shadows of the spirit realm. In short, he is a remnant of the old Viking shaman.

Jonny Pettersson, a deep, mystical man.

Jonny Pettersson, a deep, mystical man.

Jonny belongs to a dying breed of man who has turned his back on the mad consumer driven society. He has found solace in a small house in the forest near to Valdemarsvik where he makes artefacts, grows things (sorry, this sailor has blue fingers so I never asked what… I do know that it’s nothing illegal though!).

It was lovely to get to know Jonny, and we chatted for a long time, in the few days I was in Valdemarsvik.

It was lovely getting to know Jonny, and we chatted for a long time, in the few days I was in Valdemarsvik.

We chatted for many hours about all things mystical, but the strangest thing was the theme of past lives. This has been a recurring item in the previous posts and I’ll bring it to its final conclusion in this one as it may appear that I’m going crazy (Berserk?). Certainly I feel it explains many events in my life, especially during childhood but these are far too complicated to elaborate on and way too heavy.

Jonny’s lifestyle is a little too basic for me and rooted in the land, but there is a definite appeal in his method, which on the surface may appear latter day hippy. But don’t be fooled by the hair and the style… Jonny is his own man and very much a loner. He has a deep sensitivity and a real understanding of the Norse mysteries (not all that New Age baloney).

Maybe it would be hard to believe, if I told you that he knew I was coming… After all this is a cynical and sensual world we live in, where all sense of the mystical has been either bottled at source and marketed, or disproved by scientists, many of whom are just latter day Inquisition candidates.

My good friend Lucy mentioned in her feedback that my Scandinavian Odyssey seems to be more about people than the actual places. She is correct about this. Quite often I encountered, especially in the Mediterranean, a superficiality that deeply disturbed me and found myself more place oriented; however, Scandinavia has a unique blend of magic and sheer geographical beauty that surpasses anything I have yet experienced in my life of travelling (which is far too much to explain here.)

The female Viking knife that Jonny made for me.

The female Viking knife that Jonny made for me.

Can it be that our ancestral gene guides us back to our ‘roots’? Just how much influence does our mind actually have? Why do Jonny and I ‘know’ each other? How can a country you’ve never even visited feel so familiar? No doubt the scientists can explain in their logical, deadpan way… and maybe the lunatic asylums are full of folk like us. Who knows?

This much I do know… Jonny and I will always be friends in more worlds than just this one, and as I sailed seaward back down the fjord from Valdemarsvik, I couldn’t help feeling that I’d unravelled some of the mystery.


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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16 Responses to Jonny Pettersson, Viking shaman

  1. Another enthralling post, and I don’t think you are beserk as I have had similar experiences being drawn to a particular place, in Scandinavia, only later to find out that that was a home of my ancestors. This strong feeling must come down to remnants of DNA or suchlike. Otherwise, I must also be “berserk! or intuitive, at least. and that knife: what an amazing gift. Very Viking!

  2. Lynda and tony smith says:

    Another v.very interesting post Poppy. Thanks for sharing xx

  3. christian says:

    was expecting more and than it ended, loved the knife – it’s strange and of course not mad to think you have been or meet someone before but as i have said before you are being guided to this land. just follow where free takes you.
    keep the pictures coming and the wonderful blog.
    have sent reply to last one but nothing showing.

  4. Viking Queen says:

    Thanks Chris… can you resubmit your previous post? I never received it. Can’t think why.

  5. christian says:

    just a few lines that i can remember: re get on foredeck, could feel your dad being behind you with his hand on your shoulder telling you to look.
    agreed with forestestwoodfolkart re virtually traveling with you as you know i look up the places you are going to etc.
    re pastlifes or been there before coming home so true perhaps you are coming home.

    • Viking Queen says:

      More like his boot up my behind!!! ;0)
      He was a hard teacher but a damn fine seaman. I would be happy to be half as good.
      I’m so glad that you take such an interest Chris. This makes all the effort so worth while.

      • Christian says:

        i was being polite few choice words in your ear as well,as said before watching over you to keep you and free safe and sending all these helping hands..

      • Viking Queen says:

        Thank you. I often wonder if my Dad can ‘see’ me. I think the spirit part of him would do exactly as you say; however, coming ashore turned him bitter in some ways and I rarely ever saw the caring part of him in the way you suggested.

  6. rollinwithcarro says:

    Hey!! What a progress and I told you that you would feel home and love sweden. the men are also very nice. Jelous of your knife

  7. Viking Queen says:

    You were correct in every way Carro… I will treasure the knife for all time. You can feel the magic in it. I wish you were here for a coffee and cake!

  8. christian says:

    but he would not be on land so he would back where he loved and with you both enjoying the sea and the elements thrown at you

    • Viking Queen says:

      True, in an ideal world… but that’s the paradox. He was so stuck in the rut on land that he had lost the sense of freedom.
      I like to think it would have been like you say, but there are very few who can actually do this due to the fear. It’s quite an uncomfortable life and I make it look easier than it actually is.

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