Thomas Sörensen: A Swedish Angel

This sailing life throws up all sorts of situations, which introduces people of all kinds from different nationalities. Often, they are indifferent and mind their own business, taking just a mild interest in what you are doing. Occasionally they belong to the other end of a spectrum that includes an extreme range from lovely to the downright evil.

I arrived in the small town of Oskarshamn with a boat whose electrics were getting worse by the minute and walked to a little boatyard, meeting a lovely old gentleman named Karl who lent me an instrument to test the longevity of marine batteries.

Sure enough, one of the batteries was critically ill and needed replacing… a very expensive loss, but inevitable in the life of a functional sailing vessel. So Karl said he would try to find me a modest replacement that would leave me with enough money to be able to eat sometime soon! He went searching around the local area and returned the next day with the goods… What a lovely, helpful man, so different from my Holland and England experiences.

I replaced the battery and that was a great improvement, but the alternator still wasn’t charging the batteries up with its usual efficiency and I was running out of ideas…

Enter Thomas Sörensen… the latest angel to appear in my life.

Thomas Sörensen... Genuine Viking angel.

Thomas Sörensen… Genuine Viking angel.

Thomas arrived like a whirlwind, with twinkling blue eyes and a huge laugh, explaining that Karl had told him about my problems. Over the following two days he solved all of my electrical and mechanical problems, as I fed him copious amounts of coffee. He was fascinated by my strange sailing life and full of admiration. We became good friends and he invited me to see his various boats around the Figeholm and Oskarshamn area… beautiful wooden sailing boats. I have to add that he refused to take anything for all his work.

Thomas gets it done!

Thomas gets it done!

I never cease to be amazed by what life throws in one’s path. The more travails that come your way, the more serendipity comes into play. I would never have met Thomas Sōrensen if I’d remained a miserable slave back in the stranglehold that passes as society. We are both free spirits, untamed and charged with passion.

At the end of the day... A chance to relax on one of Thomas's beautiful sailing boats.

At the end of the day… A chance to relax on one of Thomas’s beautiful sailing boats.

Tomorrow, I sail from my anchorage just to the north of Figeholm, among the islands of the ‘Blue Coast’. The glorious summer weather has gone for a while and the rain has come adding a little ‘bite’ to close-quartered navigation, which is difficult enough in these parts.

I shall leave with very happy memories of a glorious week spent in the wild and free elemental passion of this Viking Realm…


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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21 Responses to Thomas Sörensen: A Swedish Angel

  1. rollinwithcarro says:

    Poppy, Poppy,… Did I not tell you that those twinkling blue eyes willl come your way often now. 🙂 Maybe you don`t need to use the “finger thing” anymore.Hahaha, I am glad everything sort out for you and hope you can spend as much time on anchor as you can. When heading closer to Stockholm you need to contact me. 🙂

    • Viking Queen says:

      Yes, a slight detour, but back to the business in hand (no pun intended!)
      Time to sail again… A big wind out of the south at last! Must make some miles today! Will contact you when I reach Axel’s place on Orrō island. Love to you, Danny boy and Melvin.

  2. christian says:

    what can i say all well that ends well, enjoy
    i dare not ask what the “finger thing” is an innocent like me

  3. Lynda and tony smith says:

    What did I tell you about someone higher than us looking out for us? God bless you Poppy and may you keep meeting these wonderful Angels along the way. We are in Paris at the moment on a 10 day holiday and its hot hot hot! Take care. All our love Lynda and Tony xxx

  4. Sue says:

    Wow Pops, he looks like an angel too! Forwarding your blog to Carole who’s getting more computer literate as time goes by, she’s thrilled to read of your adventures. Much love to you, you great adventurer. M&s x

    • Viking Queen says:

      Hi Sue,
      Yes it’s been a wonderful few days!!! Can’t let this distract me though… been there… done that!
      Give Carole my love won’t you? And … more of your adventures please!!!

  5. Viking Queen says:

    You are of course, correct my wonderful friend… however, the devil is always around the corner to throw in a spanner when all is wrapped in complacency! But yes, Thomas definitely has feathers on his wings!

    Enjoy Paris, you lovely jet-setters!

    • Lynda and tony smith says:

      Mmmmm,Thomas looks like “a bit of alright” as they say up north. We’ve just got back from a …….top of the bus tour ………of Paris. Phew, was it HOT? We’re wandering around in our birthday suits right now (not a pretty sight!) sipping copious amounts of G and T’s!!! Life is so hard sometimes. God bless you lovely lady you xxx

  6. Carole says:

    Carole is now following your blog

    • Viking Queen says:

      Welcome aboard Carole! I am thrilled that you are following me! Let me know how life is after ‘Joja’. Miss you. Px

  7. Lucy says:

    Seems your voyage is more about the people you’re meeting than the journey 🙂 Human beings; the best and the worst animals on this planet. Kalo taxidi xxxxxxx

    • Viking Queen says:

      Always is Viking sister… always is. I agree. Talking of animals… how’s yours? ;0)

      My feet haven’t touched the ground yet… but now I’m in a beautiful westerly at five and a half knots heading north! Hmm, slowed down a bit after the past few days!!!

  8. rollinwithcarro says:

    fair winds Poppy soon you are in my childhood waters…..whish I was there too show you around.
    Danny boy

  9. A change of luck after all the bad weather! Such a dreamy Scandinavian experience so far! So happy for you! What a gem that Thomas was!

  10. Keep an eye out for a friend on a boat called ‘Shalom’, they were sailing around Figeholm, Oskarshamn and these parts now as well.

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