A beautiful sunrise greets the dawn of another day in Brunsbuttel, and over the past few weeks I have grown to like this charming little place with its kind and courteous folk. I have become a feature in the little McDonalds, for my daily hour of free Internet, and a chance to write to you, my friends. Those lovely people have often graced me with free coffee as I struggle to make myself understood…

Today I feel like a prisoner being led to the gallows, such is the gnawing fear that eats away at me, because in a few hours time I will be leaving this little place and attempting to take on the mighty Kiel Canal.

Ordinarily this would present no major problems; however, nothing could be further than normality right now, for I have no idea whether or not ‘Free’ will make the end of the canal. I have no idea of how the propeller will hold up, or if it is damaged. There are so many variables with so little leeway.

Give me a battle on the sea at anytime, where I can pit my sailing skill against my noble foe. Let me even claw off a lee shore… but the nature of this problem sets my heart palpitating with fear. I just don’t know if I will make it. For the first time in my life I am depending totally on luck.

The Kiel Canal is merciless, due to the fact that I am sharing it with huge freighters. If I break down, the authorities will give me a hefty fine, and a tow to yet another place where I cannot check the underwater damage.

Why can’t I check the underwater damage? Yes, that is the obvious question, and in normal circumstances the correct thing to do. However, here the water is dark and freezing cold. Any diver going down needs specialised equipment, all very costly and more than I have left. The only chance I have is reaching the British Forces Kiel Yacht club on the Kieler Bucht, after the canal, where they may be able to lend me the equipment so I can do it myself. I learned to dive when I studied Oceanography back in Plymouth all those years ago, so I have a chance, albeit a slim one.

So on the day of my fifty-six year, the only gift I need it to make it through…


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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20 Responses to Dawn…

  1. Simona says:

    Good luck, Poppy. Hope you’ll get to end of the Kiel Canal smoothly and safely.

    Happy Birthday, my friend!

    Simona x

  2. Michael Murphy says:

    Happy Birthday, Poppy, and why wouldn’t you have good luck?

    Yours, Mike

  3. Barry OConnell says:

    Have a good day Poppy. Good luck with the canal

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Penelope says:

    Poppy, Happy Birthday for today. May the sea gods look up on you favourably. How much blood did you have to sell at the local hospital to pay for the gear box?
    We will be thinking of you…….love P & D xxx

  5. Lynda Hulme says:

    Hello our little friend! Well, well, well – sailing on luck alone hey? Well…………….don’t worry as I’ll be saying many a prayer for you sweetheart. In fact, I’ve just sent up a prayer for your safe delivery to wherever you aim for with no problems with the boat and for peace and knowledge to be with you. God Bless Poppy. Lynda xxx

  6. christian says:

    do hope the sun has shone on you today and got you and free safe in the canal to the other end what a way to spend a birthday will await the next chapter of Free’s adventure – take care

  7. GOOD LUCK,Poppy though you may have made it by the time you get this.It’s 10.40 0n 5th June. Just read your latest email. God speed and a fair trip.Shall be eager to hear the next message.

  8. lulu says:

    Happy Birthday Pops and you make your own luck, go to it! trust in yourself and Free xxxxxxxxx

  9. Simon de Groot says:

    You will be towed by your guardian angel ….no need to worry……xx

  10. Christine says:

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon xxx

  11. Viking Queen says:

    Thank Christine, keep watching on the radar!

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