Too much information?

Boxing day found me ‘wandering’ and ‘wondering’, whilst near Tower Bridge. Goodness me it’s a long time since I was here… and how it has changed!

Actually it brought to mind an old friend of mine, Finn Hagan. Finn hails from Belfast and apart from being one of the finest pipers I’ve ever known, his slant on who wields the power in this world certainly had me questioning the status quo of our so-called free society.


Male domination? Is this symbolic penile domination around the Square Mile?

Finn introduced me, nee supplemented my reading of the wonderful, brave David Icke, with his theory that masonic male domination is alive and well in the City of London and that many of the buildings are deliberately ‘penile’ in nature, to suggest aggressive ‘power over’.

How it all came flooding back today as I meandered through the magnificent but austere symbols of modernity that have been, and continue to be erected (pun intended).


Here’s another… the latest in the domination department… The Shard.

I told you my posts will always be strange in nature, but in the view of The ‘Jimmy Saville affair’, and all the raised eyebrows that that has produced, why is it that the big hearted and kind British public still can’t see the game that the rich and powerful are playing with us? Why does David Icke continue to be ridiculed even though he knew about Mr Saville and his coterie many years ago?

I know this ’tis the time to be merry’ and all that, but I wonder if we are all being like Nero a little, by ‘fiddling while Rome burns’? And yes, maybe it is a bit crazy to believe in conspiracy theories, but nobody would, or could, have believed that Mr Saville was enjoying his contact with young children so much, or even that he had an open pass to the various medical facilities in Leeds (let’s not go there…)

This aggressive modern structure bisects the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

This aggressive modern structure bisects the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Satanic comes to mind.

The above picture bisects the view of two older ‘power over’ structures. The Tower of London and Tower bridge. So it is nothing new this idea. To be able to build such massive structures while the majority of Londoners lived in filth and squalor is beyond my tiny little mind, but even an idealistic romantic like me, can imagine. To me, there is an almost Satanic feel to the dark, powerful and forbidding structures, that seem to suck the light out of the air… creepy.

Seems that ‘God has always helped those that help themselves’, right?

Mind you, that depends on whose God you worship… or not.


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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8 Responses to Too much information?

  1. lulu says:

    Agree with everything you say, except about David Icke who, for me, has a big question mark as to his integrity. I have good reasons to say that, not for here.
    Oh, so much to say ….. when will humanity wake up and take back it’s power? we are so entrenched in this monolithic power structure most of us don’t realise we are in a glass prison.
    It starts with oneself though and that’s the hardest part, as you well know ….
    much love
    Lucy xxxxx

    • Viking Queen says:

      Yep, you’re probably correct but then who hasn’t? Don’t forget the lies that have been heaped upon him over the years. I think we both agree on the main deal though! ;0)

  2. Lynda and Tony says:

    Hi Poppy, Just 6 words……………Live Love, Act Truth, Honour Life

    Lots of Love – Lynda xxx

  3. Judith Brenchley says:

    I’ve just found our last comment on the Viking Saga. How I agree with you about all the male domination of the city and all the “penile erections”. Where are all the females in our society? All at home servicing the men! And here I am about to return to one of them, but only for two months to begin with, to find out how I feel. Love Judith


  4. Viking Queen says:

    Yes, but he’s not one of these is he? And I’ll bet i know who has the whip hand!!!!! ;0)

  5. anongiles davis says:

    i stumbled onto your site while researching finn hagen, whata great site and finn is a great man too

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