If the Cat fits…..

Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest, Milan, Rome…. Catford….


Can you spot the odd one out?

That wasn’t very difficult was it? And yet this rambling sailor finds herself in Catford looking after… Yes, a cat!

I’ve never even been to Catford before now, as it is down in deepest ‘Sarf’ London. I have to admit that alighting from the train was a nervous experience in the dark, but I needn’t have worried, it’s not much different than any other place… The Bronx, The favelas of Rio…

Only joking!


The delighful ‘Oliver’, my ‘Master’ for the next four weeks!

Well, life is never boring! Out of the blue a friend of mine, Yvonne, needed someone to look after her pussy cat ‘Oliver’.

As you can see from above, Oliver is decadently sprawled across the bed, while I, a humble servant, look on! Oh, the air of aloofness…


The beautiful, but lively Channel. How lovely to be a passenger for once!

So, I left Amsterdam on a cold morning and took the tram to Zeeburg bus stop out in the East of the City and keeping my fingers crossed, hoped that the ‘Megabus’ for London would be there waiting for me. And for the princely sum of five pound and fifty pence, braved the roads of Brabant and crossed the raging seas to Dover.

It was lovely not to have to worry about sails and concentrating on huge lumps of metal doing thirty knots in a very lively sea. The weather delayed us a while but eventually London called and I was introduced to the Master of the apartment for my orders.

How long will Oliver require my services? Until the middle of January and then it’s back to ‘Free’ in Amsterdam.


About Viking Queen

I am a sailor and I live on my boat 'Free'. I have no home but originate from Tyneside. I have no allegiance, just a desire to do no harm and live with courage and an open heart.
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3 Responses to If the Cat fits…..

  1. Lynda and Tony says:

    Well good for you Poppy. At least we know that you are going to be cosy and warm this Chistmas! Much love to both you and Oliver. Lynda and Tony xxxx

  2. lulu says:

    Yes agree with above comment, a warm place for Christmas, and a lap cat, nice : ) xxxx

  3. Viking Queen says:

    Thanks for the good wishes. Hope you all have a peaceful Christmas xxxx

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