What is ‘The Viking Way’?

There must have been a ‘viking way’ back in time, but apart from some references from the old Norse Sagas, there hasn’t been any evidence of a definite code of living. I like to think there was, for survival must have been awfully tough in an open longboat out on the northern oceans.

The ‘Viking Way’, as I call it, refers to a code for one to live life by, calling on integrity and a spirit of adventure that crosses all the boundaries of a predictable lifestyle, fashioned by the world of Mammon, or in other words, modern society.

My own roots are Northern Irish, Scottish and Geordie (Tyneside Irish). All three cultures were heavily influenced by the seafaring Viking tradition whose descendants are our kinfolk. In fact we are the real vikings that left Scandinavia to seek our fortune and a new free existence, breaking away from the stifling land owning classes, corrupt monarchy and hypocritical religious institutions. However, you don’t have to have had Norse ancestry to practice this.

We are so mollycoddled these days, with the excessive health and safety culture strangling any joie de vivre, and yet its dishonesty is sickening because the very people who designed this have only done it for litigation reasons, and certainly not out of concern for us. Sound familiar? Yeah… nothing much changes does it? You only need to put down your sword and shield for a short while and they come crawling out from the nearest stone. Before you know it, they’re sucking you dry with their false promises, low quality entertainment and second rate education. What has happened to the fighting spirit that young people had in the sixties, seventies and eighties? Drugs, celebrity culture and branded luxury goods have immersed us in bondage without even knowing it, and it feels all ‘touchy-feely’ and warm… Familiar? Thought so.

It is said that if you want to change the world, it is necessary to start with oneself. I think that is basically true, but the world itself doesn’t need saving and is more than capable of looking after itself. In some ways, the world can help us take a good hard look at ourselves and prompt us to begin our own journey back to the light; however, words are not enough. I believe that a code is needed to live by, but it has to be one’s own and not forced upon us. Somehow we need to be able to turn words into action… ‘to walk the talk’.

The Viking Way is my own personal path, and it’s all about remaining true to oneself, being brave enough to live life to the full, physically, mentally and spiritually. Whether sailing the oceans or opening your heart to love; going that extra mile for a friend in need, or just doing without sometimes. These are some of the attributes that can raise one’s self-esteem, and that is what the Viking Way is all about.

I hold my hand out to all lovers of freedom, and pledge my dedication to being open hearted and minded, not being afraid to fight the forces of darkness that are trying to enslave our minds and spirits. In short living that one day as a lion… rather than hundreds as a sheep.

4 Responses to What is ‘The Viking Way’?

  1. christian says:

    welcome back miss pirate queen, perhaps we should change your name to the viking pirate queen,,keep writing

    • Viking Queen says:

      Thanks Chris… Pirates are a bit passé these days, especially all those tacky skull and cross bone things in shops… No it’s the Viking Queen now, until some suit hijacks it for marketing!

  2. It is said that if you want to change the world, it is necessary to start with oneself. So true and another wonderful quote!

  3. Viking Queen says:

    Thanks Amanda!

    Will be off line for a while now, but will try and get hooked up ASAP! In the mean time, keep up the good work!

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